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Accredited Excavation Courses in Archaeology 2021

2021 Excavation Courses with Academic Credit

Study archaeology abroad for international students

The Achill Archaeological Field School specialises in Early & Late Medieval, Early Modern and Post Medieval archaeology AD500 to AD 1900, providing hands-on archaeology training and fieldwork courses from High School to undergraduate and post graduate levels, to our very popular trainee supervisor course.

Our accredited courses were to run from late June to August 2021 and included two, three, four and six week course options, as well as the popular eight week trainee supervisor course. Students can earn transferable university credits towards their undergraduate degree through our academic partner, the National University of Ireland Galway (NUIG).

Our accredited courses offer up to 9 Semester Credit Hours/18 ECTS per course.

Unfortunately we have had to cancel our 2021 program. Full Statement Here.

Any Questions? Please just use our contact form or email directly: info@achill-fieldschool.com

The details of our planned courses for 2021 are retained below for reference only. The program for 2022 will be announced in June 2021.

Course Name Weeks Cost Site Dates Credits
Excavation & Recording 2 6 €4790 Tamnaghmore 28 Jun – 6 Aug 9 SCH/18 ECTS
Excavation & Recording 4 4 €3950 Tamnaghmore 28 Jun – 23 Jul 6 SCH/12 ECTS
Excavation & Recording 6 2 €1995 Tamnaghmore 26 Jul – 6 Aug 3 SCH/6 ECTS
Excavation & Recording 8 4 €3950 Tamnaghmore 26 Jul –20 Aug 6 SCH/12 ECTS
Dig-Draw-Digitise 3 €2250 Tamnaghmore 9 – 27 Aug 3 SCH/6 ECTS
Ceramics in Archaeology 2 €1995 Tamnaghmore 9 – 20 Aug 3 SCH/6 ECTS
Tawmaghmore dig site, Dooagh, Achill Island
Tawmaghmore dig site, Dooagh, Achill Island