Dig-Draw-Digitise (27 July–14 August 2020)

July 27, 2020
3 weeks
3 Semester Credits / 6 ECTS


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Dig-Draw-Digitise (27 July–14 August 2020)

SS1109: 6 ECTS / 3 Semester Academic Credits Awarded. Course fees include tuition, accommodation in our superior, fully equipped self-catering building, materials, local transport, lectures and seminars and field trips.

Dates: 27 July—14 August 2020 (3 weeks)
Cost: €2250 / Discounted to €1995

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Dig, Draw and Digitise is an accredited 3 weeks residential course ideally suited to post-graduate and ambitious under-graduate students who wish to undertake their own research projects and present primary research rather working only from secondary sources. Each week will focus on a particular aspect of archaeological Fieldwork:

  • Week 1: students will excavate a small trench which will demonstrate all common aspects of archaeological excavation. Beginning with laying out the trench and removing the sod, the course will demonstrate the proper way to excavate, record finds, draw sections and plans, complete context sheets, prepare the photographic record and manage the site archive. This is excavation in microcosm and will involve very intensive instruction to give the students a full understanding of the process of excavation.
  • Week 2: students will undertake a wide variety of different types of field survey. Each day the students will visit an archaeological site on Achill and undertake different types of field survey. The course will include detailed instruction on surveying sites with different techniques to produce written accounts, plans, sections and elevations. Techniques used will include scaled drawings with surveying tapes, optical level, EDM, and photogrammetry. By the end of the week students will have sufficient skills to design their own surveying projects and successfully undertake them for use in their own study projects.
  • Week 3: students will be based in the computer lab at Achill Field School. Working with the results of the previous two weeks field projects the students will learn how to enter data into the computer and use different software to illustrate the results. Students will gain a practical working knowledge of such programs as Inkscape and QGIS and by the end of the week will have all the skills needed to produce professional looking illustrations to accompany their field studies.

This course is fully accredited by the National University of Ireland, Galway, and students who successfully complete the course will receive 3 Semester Credits or 6 ECTS points

  • SS1109: Dig, Draw, Digitise
  • The Achill Field School provided me with a vital foundation in field work, site setup, measuring instrumentation, and laboratory digitization. The Caraun Point, Achill Island dig was true reality; we uncovered the site from large amounts of inundated sand, excavated many layers of human occupation, all while the rain and wind was an ever-present obstacle. We drew elevation plans and context sections, took Dumpy Level measurements, and digitized the drawings in the lab. On heavy weather days, the Director of Fieldwork  presented lectures on archaeology & history, excavation techniques, demonstration of the latest high-tech Total Station.  This experience was a strong, authentic lesson in both archaeological field methods and the fluid management of a team as the excavation unfolds. Bonita Lee