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Excavation & Recording 5

24th July – 4th August 2023

SS108: 6 ECTS / 3 Semester Academic Credits awarded. Course fees include tuition, accommodation in our superior, fully equipped self-catering building, materials, local transport, lectures and seminars as well as academic credit.

Dates: 24th July – 4th August 2023
Duration: Two weeks
Cost: €1995

This course is fully accredited by the University of Galway, and students who successfully complete the course will receive 3 Semester Credits or 6 ECTS points.

SS108: Data Analysis (3 Semester Credits/6 ECTS Credits)
Field work during the final element sees the completion of the excavation and its post excavation restoration and then introduces the student to a broad range of subjects involving archaeological sites and their setting in the landscape, such as upland surveys, identifying new sites, recording standing monuments and analysing inter-site relationships and morphological settings. Lectures review the development of the discipline of Archaeology in Ireland and the ethical challenges facing the archaeological profession in the early 3rd Millennium whilst workshops focus on preparing the work so far undertaken for final publication.

At this time we only require an application from prospective students. A firm commitment, in the form of a deposit, will be required when your course is confirmed.

Study Archaeology at the home of the Banshees

Achill Island, the home of Achill Archaeological Field School, was the main location for the 2022 award-winning movie The Banshees of Inisherin. The spectacular landscapes seen in the movie showcase the beauty of Achill Island, your location for your 2023 archaeology course. Read more about the Banshees of Inisherin locations on Achill Island.

About the 2023 Dig Site

The 2022 season of excavations at Tawnaghmore raised more questions than answers. We were surprised to find that the two houses excavated had been remodelled and rebuilt on three separate occasions, suggesting intermittent periods of occupation of the site. The houses (House 1 and House 2) are ovoid in shape externally. House No. 1 has a corbelled interior while House No. 2 is more-or-less rectangular in shape.

A major find in 2022 was the discovery of a large enclosure with a total area of approximately 6042.931m 2 south-west of the main settlement at Tawnaghmore. The enclosure contains House 17 (Tawnaghlaur) at its south-west corner and an associated small patch of lazy-beds (cultivation ridges) to the north-east. Two additional houses in the multi-period site at Tawnaghmore/Tawnaghlaur, together with the Tawnaghlaur enclosure, associated house and lazy beds will be the focus of excavation in 2023 … an exciting season ahead!

Tawnaghmore excavation summer 2022
Tawnaghmore excavation summer 2022