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WILD IRELAND WEST WALKS is a specialist tour company based in Dooagh, Achill Island, Co. Mayo. Our experienced staff is made up of veteran hikers and archaeologists from the Achill Archaeological Field School. Immerse yourself in breath-taking landscapes, and learn about the thousands of years of history that this island holds from ancient megalithic tombs to poignant Famine-era cottages. We offer guided hikes to some of Achill’s hidden gems like Annagh, the Minaun cliffs, and Achillbeg Island, as well as around the Wild Atlantic Way Discovery Point of Keem Bay, where we’ve been conducting archaeological excavations since 2009. Choose the level that’s right for you with our graded easy, medium and hard walks.

For those who want to really immerse themselves in the historic landscape, we offer a number of guided archaeological tours. See 6000 years of Achill’s history in a single day with our one-day bus tour of the island calling to sites like the iconic deserted village of Slievemore, and Kildavnet castle, once home to notorious pirate queen Grace O’Malley. Further afield from Achill we offer tours of the top archaeological sites of North Mayo, Sligo, Clew Bay, Galway City and the Irish Midlands. Each tour is led by a qualified archaeologist with a selection of outstanding handpicked sites including the Céide Fields, Clonmacnoise, Carrowmore, and Rockfleet Castle.

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