Dig for a day with the Achill Archaeological Field School

Ever fancied being an archaeologist for a day? Now you can! Between May and August 2018 you can join the team at Achill Archaeological Field School for a day in the field. Discover the excitement of uncovering the past on a research dig, and learn about how archaeological excavations work. In 2018 we’ll be digging at the wonderful sites of Keem Bay and Caraun Point on Achill Island.

To find out more and to arrange dates please drop us a line at: info@achill-fieldschool.com or call us on +00353 98 43564. 

Dig for a Day costs €80.

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Dig deeper – Introduction to Archaeology courses May and August 2018

For those who want to dig a little deeper, why not try one of our Introduction to Irish Archaeology courses running during May and August 2018. Our May course will focus on surveying techniques, and our August course will look at finds analysis.

Have a look at the Achill Archaeological Field School website for full details or drop us a line if you have any questions at: info@achill-fieldschool.com or call us on +00353 98 43564.