Open day at the ‘Cromlech Tumulus’ site: A photo essay

Open day at the ‘Cromlech Tumulus’ site: A photo essay

Thursday 3 August was our open day at the ‘Cromlech Tumulus’ site. Over 70 people trekked up Slievemore to visit our site and we were delighted to be able to share our discoveries and to have some really interesting chats about life on this remarkable mountain over 3,000 years ago. Huge thanks to to everyone who visited and to all our great team for doing such a wonderful job.

Over 70 people visited our site over the 4 hour open day.



Marissa shows off some of our finds from this year.


We brought some of the Bronze Age objects our teaching collection to site.

Marissa explains how saddle querns work. Her elaborate hairstyle is based on the Skrydstrup Woman Bronze Age bog body from Denmark.



Rob gave the site a trim before the visitors arrived.