Why enrol to study at the Achill Archaeological Field School?

  1. The AAFS was established in 1991, the first of its kind in Ireland.  Undoubtedly the most successful in terms of longevity, innovation and research agenda, the AAFS is located on an island, whose first inhabitants arrived in the early Neolithic period, some 5,000 years ago.
  2. The AAFS is a fully accredited Field School of the National University of Ireland Galway and has processed transcripts for hundreds of students from all over the world as can be seen on the International University list on our website.
  3. Our fees include tuition and all materials, access to a well-stocked library, a Lab and accommodation in our modern, fully equipped accommodation block where everything, (including WiFi) is supplied except food.
  4. The location of the Field School on Achill Island in CountyMayo,  a premier tourist resort ensures a wide range of outdoor activities is available as well as festivals, marathons and cultural events on-going throughout the summer.
  5. We offer a selection of optional 1-and 2-day weekend guided tours to sites in the west and midlands of Ireland, a relatively inexpensive way to see more of Ireland’s fabulous archaeology.
  6. Many of our students return to the Field School on successive years and an increasing number are opting to continue their postgraduate studies in Ireland.
  7. Our Trainee Supervisor course offers a second tier of training to students who plan a career in archaeology.



“Theresa, I am thankful that 24 years ago you decided to establish the Achill Archaeological Field School. The experiences I had in the school and the people I met will forever aid me in my future career as an archaeologist. I hope to see you again someday. Thank you for all that you have done for the archaeological community as a whole and for me” —Cari, 2017.

Cari, now with a Masters degree in archaeology returned to the AAFS as a Supervisor in 2018. She co-directed excavations, alongside Dr. Eve Campbell, of a shell midden site at Caraun Point on the north coast of Achill Island.  Carolyn has now enrolled in  a Ph.D. program at University College Cork (UCC).