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Research & Excavations

Achill Archaeological Field School has been researching the rich archaeological record of Achill Island and the Corraun peninsula for over 29 years. The region has a long history of settlement from the earliest times to the present day. The Field School’s initial research focused on the ‘Deserted Village’ of Slievemore. Between 1991 and 2013 AAFS excavated three vernacular dwellings at Slievemore (House 6, House 23, and House 36) as well conducting extensive survey of the settlement. Subsequently the project expanded to explore some of the excellently preserved prehistoric and early historic settlements on the slopes of Slievemore mountain. Between 2006 and 2008, two substantial Bronze Age roundhouses (Roundhouse 1 and Roundhouse 2) were investigated archaeologically. Another Bronze Age roundhouse (the ‘Cromlech’ roundhouse) towards the eastern end of Slievemore was also excavated. As well as Bronze Age settlement medieval features have also been uncovered, including a medieval kiln complex and a series of stone hut sites high up on the mountain. In more recent years the Field School has shifted attention to other landscapes on the island, with a multi-period project at Keem, and other excavations at the pony graveyard in Dooagh, Kildavnet Tower house and at the Booley site of Annagh.

Explore over 29 years of research and excavation on Achill Island.

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