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Course Accreditation

Course Accreditation from the University of Galway

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All our archaeology excavation and recording courses are accredited by the University of Galway (formerly NUI Galway). Students can earn up to 9 Semester Hour Credits or 18 ECTS for successful completion of our courses. Our two week courses come with 3 semester credits, our 4 weeks courses have 6 semester credits, and our 6 week courses come with 9 semester credits.

Course Duration Semester Credits ECTS
Excavation and Recording 1 6 weeks 9 18
Excavation and Recording 3 4 weeks 6 12
Excavation and Recording 5 2 weeks 3 6
Trainee Supervisor Course 8 weeks 6 12

Students seeking university academic credit are required to complete an academic credit form (linked below). Return it to our administrator as a PDF document upon booking an archaeology course. University of Galway will also require a copy of your birth certificate or driving license. This is for ID purposes and to ensure the efficient transfer of your transcript to your university. In order to ensure there is no delay in sending on your transcript, great care should be taken when completing the academic credit form. Please check with your home university to get the precise address to which the transcript should be sent.

Details of our summer school program are also available on our page on the University of Galway website:

For a full list of universities and colleges that have had students obtain academic credit via a course at Achill Archaeological Field School please see our International Universities List.